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Drive Conversions with the Power and Efficiency of ROC

Designed with omnichannel in mind, ROC Commerce provides flexibility to mobile users through browser- and app-based solutions for iOS and Android. From need recognition to post purchase support, your B2B and B2C customers get a seamless experience while you see digital growth.


Mobile customers demand fast performance and seamless checkout. ROC is designed to be blazingly fast to maximize mobile and table conversions, whether your visitors are using a responsive site or a native app. Achieve client and customer desires with express solutions that don’t allow pain points to get in the way.


Discover full functionality in one system. Streamline registration with social integration and checkout with Apple Pay to maximize conversion and revenue. Cart and other customer information are shared across all platforms. Images are automatically resized and loaded through CDN integration for all platforms, from mobile to smartwatch.


ROC powers some of the most complex mobile solutions, from product scanning to point-of-sale and ticket verification. It is the most mobile-forward ecommerce platform on the market.

Evolving Mobile Ecommerce Rooted in the Basics

A mobile platform that streamlines functionality across your digital landscape

Expect to see mobile transactions going through the roof, thanks to a framework that provides easier product management and a simplified purchasing process. Introduce better organizational systems, more effective marketing practices and the latest technology across all channels.



  • Resources

    Gain your customers’ trust by providing useful information and promoting your brand. Building a connection is an ongoing process that transcends the purchasing point. Have mobile flexibility while managing your resources and show clients what they should know about you.


    ROC stores let your brand shine with a section to incorporate company and product videos.


    Keep customers up to speed with your business’ latest training procedures, meetings and other happenings.


    Provide answers to commonly asked questions to make the purchasing process even easier.

  • Boss Scanner

    Barcode Ordering & Scanning Solutions or “BOSS” make product acquisition fast for mobile users. 


    Barcodes can be scanned to view product details, add products to your cart or to receive a quote.

    Take a Picture

    With a quick picture on your phone’s camera, BOSS photos allows users to submit a product to your company for a replacement product or quote.

  • My Account

    Mobile account management tools for both B2B and B2C that have equal access capabilities as the web. Manage your wallet, address book, and order history. 

    Manage Your Profile

    Make account updates on the fly with ease.

    Order History


    Find past orders and quotes for simple reference when planning new orders and reorders. Tools provided include reorder pads, saved carts and shopping lists.

    Register With Apple ID

    Utilize ROC’s mobile integration with Apple ID to reduce friction during registration and checkout. Use it to lessen security risks in addition to two-factor authentication, Azure Active Directory and other options that are available.

  • Shop

    Allow customers to navigate mobile commerce sites from a device with the same functionality as a PC. Powerful search options by category, sub-category and brand allow customers to find products faster and view extensive information at their fingertips.

    Product Details & Descriptions

    Mobile users can find specifics about products and compare with similar items.


    Costs are front and center.

    Pickup & Delivery Options

    Find nearest locations for pickup or schedule delivery times that meet your needs.


    See what others have to say about products.


ROC’s Performance-Driven Solution

With speed and system integrity, we designed the latest version of ROC to deliver blazing Lighthouse performance scores for mobile. Try it today and request a demo to learn more.

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