ROC Commerce Platform Features

Drive efficiency, increase revenue, and create meaningful experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

ROC Commerce is the leading B2B ecommerce platform used by brands of all sizes, from newly created strategic digital storefronts to re-platformed established brand sites requiring massive scale, complex integrations, worldwide footprints, and billions of dollars in transaction value. 

Regardless of size, ROC Commerce is the platform chosen by companies looking to build a competitively differentiated digital storefront solution, yet more complete and affordable than other solutions available today.

Ecommerce Product Offering
This unique suite of capabilities allows organizations, their developers, and marketers to deliver on the true promise of a digital storefront.
Increased revenue

through new digital sales channels, better conversion rates, and higher average order value​.

Increased customer satisfaction

from omnichannel 24x7x365 ways to quickly interact with your company, find product information, and consistent omnichannel pricing, inventory, and ordering capability​.

Reduced costs

through sales and customer service deflection allow the sales organization to focus on its core responsibility of selling and serving its customers.

Increased customer and employee adoption

driving additional loyalty and revenue from all customers. Also, protecting businesses from lost salesperson domain knowledge​.driving additional loyalty and revenue from all customers. Also, protecting businesses from lost salesperson domain knowledge​.

Better business understanding

with an ecommerce and digital platform that provides rich business insights transcending just digital interactions. ROC Commerce provides more significant business and customer insights to help organizations better manage their business, find trends, and adjust to the ever-changing market.

Discover How ROC Commerce Can Elevate Your Business

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