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ROC Commerce delivers a unique, impactful, results-driven digital commerce solution for businesses across the globe. Our mission is to provide the fastest, most flexible, and most affordable commerce platform on the market for mid-market and enterprise merchants.

ROC Commerce is passionate about optimizing and growing our merchant's online business. We believe in working with our merchants to create relevant, personalized commerce solutions with a refined customer experience, wholesale portals, and more. As a private PaaS commerce solution, we provide an economical and scalable way to offer a high-conversion differentiated buying experience across every channel supporting the business processes and systems you have today and need tomorrow.

Created by Americaneagle.com, an industry-leading digital agency with thousands of clients and millions of person hours implementing commerce solutions, ROC Commerce has experienced consistent leadership and vision, which translates to an unparalleled commitment to product capabilities the way real life merchants need them to be.

As a family-owned and operated enterprise, Americaneagle.com launched the first version (idev) in early 2000s. In 2014 ROC Commerce the company was launched with a newly rebranded platform -  Real Omnichannel Commerce. In 2020, after rebuilding ROC Commerce from the ground up on the very latest technology, ROC Commerce emerges as the fastest most flexible platform available that delivers incredible ROI for customers looking to build more than just a vanilla commerce site and bring a complete online/offline solution to their customers.  



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Industries Served

Our solutions benefit merchants from mid- to enterprise-size businesses worldwide with complex B2B and B2C requirements.  We work with merchants across many industries, including: 

ROC Commerce B2B Platform

At the heart of ROC Commerce is the best solution to manage the complexities of B2B environments.   Whether you take it slow and make offline order status available to clients, need to run a targeted microsite with a subset of products or multiple brands with shared and unique products in various countries, ROC Commerce's robust B2B platform is designed to help businesses with their individual needs. We offer merchants streamlined business solutions, support for multiple sites, flexible hosting, easy system integration, and enhanced security functions. 

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Our Values

ROC Commerce was built by implementers for real world merchants and values the customer’s experience, open extensibility, developer-centric architecture, project fit, and long-term growth relationships.   

customer control

Customer control of their commerce experience

  • Our platform allows customers to find the right product fast, shop from any device, and more.
  • Advanced features are tailored to customers' experience, including quick order tools, enhanced checkout, security delegation, and account permissions.

closed APIs

Open extensibility over closed APIs

  • ROC Commerce can be hosted anywhere, allowing merchants to meet any hosting strategy, network topology, or regulatory requirement. While RESTful & Native APIs make integrating ROC Commerce with any system affordable.

developer-centric architecture

Developer-centric architecture over vender-centric

  • We focus on Developer Experience (DX), speed, flexibility, and affordability.
  • Developers can choose their preferred language, making execution fast and effective.
  • Maximize developer productivity and simplify maintenance and scaling through multiple deployment units and vertical feature slices.

project fit over license sales

Project fit over license sales

  • We are a systems integrator who wants a closer partnership with a more modern and flexible product. 

long term growth relationship

Long-term growth relationship

  • We offer award-winning support and quarterly releases where the seller controls the updates. 

Our Headquarters

Our headquarters is located in Des Plaines, Illinois, where our leadership teams are available to guide merchants as we build a robust foundation for commerce success. Our team’s success is predicated on the success of our customers, and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations in everything we do.

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