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ROC Commerce delivers cross-channel customer support digitally to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

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Customer Engagement and Satisfaction Start with Customer Self-Service

Your digital commerce strategy should include a full self-service engagement strategy so customers can interact with your organization gaining visibility across all channels at anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Cross-Channel Order Support

Let customers track quotes, orders, status, and more when ordered online or offline.

Company Engagement

Funnel customers to the right area of expertise quickly and provide quick access to engage with your company through changing times.

Product Research and Reviews

Give your customer a one-stop shop for product research and become the product authority driving repeat business.

Customer Support

Reduce costs and increase satisfaction by redirecting basic questions to digital means freeing up valuable sales representatives.

Store Locator

Provide quick access to inventory and service areas based on the appropriate store, distribution center, or warehouse.

A digital storefront isn't just about selling.

"70% of buyers expect websites to include customer self-service, 40% actually prefer using it."

Providing services beyond just ecommerce on a digital storefront is critical to delivering long-term value by maintaining and growing customers' share of wallet with your organization. ROC Commerce provides the necessary capabilities, ease of integration, and extensibility so your digital property can deliver a full omni-channel and consistent view across all your customer interactions with your company.

Once a comprehensive digital engagement platform is created, ROC Commerce provides critical customer and employee adoption capabilities.  


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    Cross-Channel Order Support

    Complete order, quote, and RFP support via the digital interface removes barriers to adoption and provides a great user experience.

    Order History

    Let customers check on the status of all orders in real-time directly from your ERP.

    Where’s My Order

    Customers can track the location of their orders through your logistics providers.

    Open Quotes

    Customers can review open quotes and continue the purchase process online.

    Availability, Shipping Time

    Share real-time inventory and status data from your ERP.


    Give customers an easy way to stay up to date with their payments.

  • content-rich-kyeword-rich-product-description-feature

    Product Research

    Provide rich product content to help customers find the right product, drive SEO, and make your website a customer destination.

    Up-To-The-Minute Pricing

    Connect with your ERP for accurate customer-specific pricing

    Ratings and Reviews

    Customers can submit reviews, and sellers can moderate to minimize spam.

    Product Documentation

    Upload PDFs and other assets to give customers critical assets to understand your products and how to use and service them.

    Knowledge Base

    Integrate with 3rd party knowledgebase platforms to provide each employee and customer-created content.

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    Customer and Service Support

    ROC Commerce is easily extended to deliver a full-service scheduling and warranty support portal. 


    Manage and store all warranty information when appropriate.  Set up customer transfer rules.


    Manage the RMA process to provide visibility and full process support.

    Service Scheduling

    Integrate or create a full-service scheduling portal to manage service scheduling, appointment updates, and payment.


    Gather feedback through widgets, surveys, feedback forms, etc., to track customer satisfaction/NPS to better understand and grow your business.
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    Store Locator

    Out-of-the-box store locator allows inventory management and drives more customers to local stores.

    Geolocation Lookup

    Let customers find their ideal location by zip, city, and state.

    Store Details

    Present critical information about each location.

    Set My Store

    Make it easy to interact with a preferred location continually.

    Integrated Mapping

    With Google Maps and ROC Commerce, “X marks the spot.” 

    Check Inventory by Store

    Integrate your storefront and warehouse locations, so customers know what products are available.

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