Ecommerce Platform for Electrical Distributors

Addressing the unique challenges for the B2B Distributors, our streamlined ecommerce platform prioritizes business expansion and development for electrical distributors and wholesalers.

Electrify Your Sales: Power Up Your Electrical B2B & D2C Ecommerce Strategy for Industry Success!

Unlock the full potential of your electrical distribution business with ROC Commerce, a complete ecommerce platform expertly designed with leaders in the industry to turbocharge your sales, enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. Our robust ecommerce solution enhances the B2B and D2C buying experience leveraging advanced technologies for improved product discovery, customer engagement, and order processing.

Game-Changing Commerce for the Electrical Industry

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Ensure Customers Find the Parts They Need

Electrical suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and wholesalers often have huge parts catalogs making most electrical supply websites difficult-to-navigate. Whether your customers are looking for electrical parts, components, or anything else, ROC Commerce’s easy-to-use category and ecommerce navigation, paired with the most advanced site search and recommendations features helps potential clients quickly and easily locate the right product. Streamline the customer shopping experience with the advanced search capabilities and streamlined ecommerce capabilities of ROC Commerce!

Learn How To Streamline Your Customers' Shopping Experience

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Manage Customer Price Lists and Access with Ease

Enable customers to easily manage pricing and access through customer-specific price lists, ERP integration, and sub-accounts using our ecommerce software. Offer personalized experiences across all channels to give B2B and B2C customers an accurate view of available products at prices catered to that target audience.

Personalize Your Business With Customer-Specific Experiences

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B2C and B2B Capabilities All Within the Same System

Create a B2B and Direct to Consumer (D2C) store environment within the same ROC Commerce platform. Grow your customer base with multiple site capabilities, each with unique pricing, content, and personalized experiences, while preserving a cohesive brand identity.

Learn How to Elevate Your Store Environment

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B2B and B2C Ecommerce for Electrical Companies

Do not settle for just B2B or B2C capabilities when you can have it all or using platforms that don’t support your real B2B needs. With ROC Commerce, you can accommodate the needs of both individual clients and businesses, all within one comprehensive platform. Elevate your business by seamlessly integrating systems and technologies as you scale.

Scale Your Business With Seamless System Solutions

B2B Commerce

Give your customers what they’ve been asking for: frictionless, personalized buying experiences. Become their first choice and boost conversion rates with dynamic capabilities within the B2B ecommerce platform that let buyers navigate your website, search through catalogs, and order in the retail-like fashion they grew to love.

B2B & B2C Commerce

Many of ROC Commerce’s clients have a combination of B2B and B2C needs. The beauty of this platform is that it can be used to accommodate both individual clients and businesses. Our AI-powered search tool lets customers quickly find what they need, whether it's a specific type of software, a car part, or a t-shirt. You can also unify customer experiences across all channels with multilingual and multisite capabilities.

B2C Commerce

Make buying a breeze and witness rising sales through a unified commerce platform that addresses shoppers’ pain points before they become a problem. ROC Commerce B2C ecommerce platform allows you to shorten the customer path to purchase through B2C innovative functionality.

    I am so, so proud of our ecommerce team. Partnering with the experienced implementation and integration professionals at, our website went live on ROC Commerce and the new Infor CSD platform without issues or interruption of business. This is a tremendous testimony to the entire team.

FAQs About ROC Commerce for the Electrical Industry

  • ROC Commerce is engineered with the specific needs of the electrical industry in mind. Our platform
    supports complex product catalogs, integrates with ERP systems for real-time inventory and pricing, and
    provides a personalized customer portal for efficient order processing and client service.
  • Yes, ROC Commerce seamlessly accommodates B2B and B2C operations, enabling electrical industry
    clients to manage diversified customer bases with specialized pricing, ordering, and shipping options
    tailored for each segment.
  • Our platform delivers a responsive design, intelligent search capabilities, and custom quotation
    systems, ensuring that electricians, contractors, and end-users can easily find and purchase the products
    they need.
  • Absolutely. ROC Commerce can be integrated with a variety of industry-specific software and ERP
    systems, providing synchronized data across all business operations for electrical suppliers and
  • Clients receive comprehensive support from our dedicated team, including implementation assistance,
    strategic ecommerce planning, and ongoing optimization to ensure their online platform operates at peak
  • Yes, our platform is designed to support complex product configurations, allowing for customizations
    and specifications essential to electrical products and components.