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Effortlessly streamline your customer's shopping experience with our B2C/D2C ecommerce software platform, engineered for simplicity and efficiency.

Trusted by Leading Ecommerce Brands

Leading B2C brands like WeatherTech, Ron Jon Surf Shop, and Coburn’s rely on ROC Commerce for its comprehensive ecommerce capabilities. Our B2C/D2C ecommerce platform is engineered to support complex, large-scale operations with ease, offering seamless integrations and a consistent shopping experience across channels and devices. This elevates brand engagement and customer satisfaction.

Ron Jon Surf Shop B2C/D2C Ecommerce Website
Tsurimi Pump energy & utilitieswWebsite, indicating business success with D2C/B2C ecommerce platform
Techo-Bloc manufacturing website, indicating business success with B2C/D2C ecommerce platform for manufacturers
Coburn Supply Company website, indicating business success with B2C/D2C ecommerce platform
Tape Case Wholesale B2C/D2C Ecommerce Website
Health Care Logistics manufacturing website, indicating business success with B2C/D2C ecommerce platform
S&S Cycle Travel and Transportation B2C Ecommerce Website
WeatherTech Automotive B2C Ecommerce Website

Benefits of ROC’s B2C/D2C Ecommerce Platform

Craft Great Content and Optimize Ecommerce Pages for SEO

ROC’s integrated drag and drop page manager makes it easy to build dynamic pages that can blend content and commerce functionality. You can update content and make SEO enhancements in bulk or on the page-level. Content sections may be edited or added to meet the requirements of your ecommerce store.

Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Leverage Abandoned Shopping Cart Reports and integration to your preferred email marketing platform to execute your Shopping Cart recovery strategy. Now you can gain back lost sales and see a steady increase in profits.

Take Your Ecommerce Business Global

Break into international markets with multilingual features that let you sell in almost any language and accept payments worldwide. Content and ecommerce pages may also be optimized for international SEO using proper Hreflang tags. Be in control of your pricing while giving your shoppers a localized experience wherever they are in the world.

Stay Live During Peak Ecommerce Events

ROC Commerce websites are lightning fast even during peak shopping events. Our ecommerce websites have had over a billion transactions in the past year, including staying live while being featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things, Super Bowl Commercials, and Black Friday events.

Powerful Ecommerce Product Search with AI

Turn every search into a purchase with built-in search that leverages machine learning and product personalization. Your customers can now find specific products, brands, product categories, and content faster than before with instant AI merchandised search.

Always in Sync System Integrations

Make sure both your website and your back office are in perfect sync with ROC’s integration framework. The ROC Commerce platform can integrate with virtually any existing system, software, or data source. This includes ERPs, CRMs, PIMs, payment gateways, financial management systems, and more, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Flexible Product Management

Easily integrates with ERP and PIM Systems and allows for easy management of extensive product catalogs with multiple variants and complex configurations, simplifying the backend operations for businesses. Dynamic and bulk updates may be completed out-of-the-box with existing functionality.

Streamlined Checkout Process with Self-Service Portals

Offers a simplified, secure checkout process that reduces steps and confusion, leading to higher conversion rates and enhanced customer satisfaction. Includes a self-service portal where customers can manage their orders, track shipping, process returns, and access support, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Lightning-Fast Ecommerce Website Speed

ROC Commerce boosts your digital storefront with unparalleled speed and performance. Our platform achieves outstanding Lighthouse scores, enhancing user experience and reducing bounce rates, which in turn increases conversions. This commitment to speed ensures your website operates efficiently and effectively, meeting the demands of modern ecommerce stores.

How ROC Commerce Maximizes Your Ecommerce Investment

ROC Commerce is more than just an ecommerce platform; it is an omnichannel digital storefront designed for the unique needs of enterprise B2C businesses and their consumers. This focus allows your business to concentrate on growth and customer engagement. As a B2C ecommerce platform, ROC Commerce delivers significant value by:

  • Enhancing Revenue: Streamline the ordering and checkout process to maximize conversions and increase average order value.
  • Improving Customer Retention: Integrates abandoned shopping cart marketing and additional ordering options with customer self-service portals, encouraging repeat business.
  • Reducing Costs: Save on development costs with out-of-the-box functionality for easy integration with existing systems. Enables more customer self-service to reduce support costs.
  • Expanding Your Customer Base: Leverage built-in SEO optimization tools, Google Shopping integrations, and email marketing platform integrations to enhance your online visibility and attract more visitors, while converting more prospects into loyal customers.
  • Boosting Customer Engagement: Integrate advanced personalization and customer engagement tools to keep your audience engaged and responsive.

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Ecommerce Platform Features

Capabilities of our ecommerce platform, designed to optimize your digital storefront and backend operations.

B2C and D2C Ecommerce Website Case Studies

Learn how our Direct to Consumer (D2C) and B2C ecommerce platform has empowered industry-leading brands to achieve growth and innovation.

Discover How ROC Commerce Can Elevate Your Business

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