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Delight your customers, sell more products, create exceptional customer experiences, and grow your business.

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Create the best customer experience powered by the right technology.

With the most advanced features to power your storefront and the extensibility needed to make your site a powerful sales channel from your first site to the most advanced website.

Mobile Forward

Powerful mobile capabilities allow you to support mobile from day one with no additional investment.

Catalog and Reviews

Industry-leading product catalog features with an extensible underlying data model and the most advanced integrated search. There is no better platform to enable your customers to find what they want.

Cart and Checkout

Build smooth cart and checkout experiences, whether B2B or B2C, guest or registered users, with the ROC Commerce cart and checkout capabilities.

Quote and Pricing

ROC Commerce provides complex quoting and pricing capabilities that allow for ecommerce and multi-channel support, enabling the customer to engage seamlessly with your organization.

Shipping and Tax

Shipping and tax capabilities are the cornerstones for delivering customers' needs and exceeding their expectations.

Payments, Security, and Login

Enable the latest payment, security, and login options to maximize cross-channel customer experience.

The best storefront for today and tomorrow.

"70% of B2B buyers find buying from a website more convenient than buying from a sales representative."

Running on the ROC Commerce Core provides the necessary performance, scalability, and features to make your store a sales and customer service powerhouse. The storefront gives you out-of-the-box templates, an easy-to-use page builder, or the ability to build beautiful pages without other platforms' costly and rigid methodologies.

Beyond just selling through a digital channel, delivering a robust omni-channel self-service portal should be part of the digital commerce solution.


  • roccommerce-responsive-user-interface-feature-screenshot

    Mobile Forward

    Deliver a responsive, beautiful interface for customers to reach you from any device.

    Naturally Responsive

    ROC Commerce UI capabilities are fully responsive to support a single investment for all device types.


    Tailor the responsive experience for different device dimensions.​

    Automatic Image Resizing

    Images are dynamically re-sized based on design configuration saving significant costs in delivering a rich product catalog​.

    Integration to Cloudflare

    Cloudflare CDN is included and helps maximize site performance.​

  • roccommerce-catalog-and-review-feature

    Catalog and Reviews

    Make sure customers find what they are looking for with confidence.

    Alternate Views, Matrix Ordering

    Present variant options as a table for a B2B experience or a combination of variants for a B2C experience.​

    Related Products

    Configure product relationships to refine product discovery and boost upsell and cross-sell opportunities​.

    Built-In Customer Reviews

    Moderate customer reviews to raise confidence in your products. 

    Multiple Packaging Options

    Sell by quantity, weight, or dimension to serve B2B and B2C customers from the same platform.​

  • roccommerce-shopping-cart-checkout-feature-screenshot

    Cart and Checkout

    Let customers buy quickly, easily, and regularly.

    Quick Order and Buy Again

    Reduce friction and increase revenue by making it easy for customers to find and re-order the right products. ​

    Multiple, Sharable Lists and Carts

    Buyers can manage multiple projects with multiple carts and lists and share them publicly and with others in their organization.​

    Guest Checkout

    Streamline checkout by letting customers register after their purchase.

    Wallet and Address Book

    Make future purchases easy with your wallet and address book.​

    User-Specific Payment Options

    Grant different payment options and terms to each customer.​

    Address Validation and Autocomplete

    Reduce the risk of fraud and missed deliveries by ensuring the customer uses the correct address.​

  • roccommerce-online-quote-and-pricing-feature

    Quote and Pricing

    Give your digital sales channel the same flexibility as offline interactions, but better.


    Empower customer service and sales reps to help customers through every step of the purchase process.​

    Online Quoting

    Create online quotes for prospective customers to boost sales. And minimum price settings ensure that sales teams always follow approved pricing rules. ​

    MAP Pricing

    Keep your pricing confidential from search engines and casual browsers with support for Minimum Advertised Pricing​.

    Minimum and Decimal Order Quantity

    Require users to buy minimum quantities of your products and configure sales of partial units​.

    Customer-Specific Pricing

    Get real-time pricing from your ERP or offer special prices to different user segments to maximize customer relationships.​

  • roccommerce-shipping-and-tax-feature

    Shipping and Tax

    Orchestrate and deliver on time while efficiently managing the necessary tax calculations.

    State-By-State Tax Tables

    Configure ROC Commerce for simple tax rates per state​.

    Avalara Tax Support

    Maximize compliance with tax authorities with the most accurate and up-to-date tax calculation service available. 

    Configure Shipping Options

    Leverage third parties and your delivery services.​

    Real-Time UPS & FedEx Quotes

    Integrate with leading parcel carriers and easily extend to utilize new ones.​

    Custom Rate Table

    Define your shipping rates based on methods.​

  • roccommerce-payment-options-feature-screenshot


    Reduce friction with multiple and extensible payment options.

    Credit Card, Gift Card, Check

    Offer customers a variety of payment methods​.

    Payment Terms

    Enable payment on terms for your B2B customers​.

    Worldpay, Authorize, Klarna, Paya, and PayPal Support

    ROC Commerce supports a growing list of payment and checkout options.​

    Easy Integration to Any Payment Gateway

    Our extensible provider model allows projects to integrate into any payment option.​

    Apple Pay (*Coming Soon)

    Remove friction at checkout and improve security by allowing customers to pay with Apple Pay.

  • roccommerce-account-management-overview-feature-screenshot

    Payments, Security, and Login

    ROC Commerce provides an unparalleled set of security and login capabilities, so access to the storefront is easy, safe, and secure.

    Social Media Registration and Login

    Reduce friction, increase adoption, and improve security by letting users leverage their social media logins.​


    Allow or require two-factor authentication to improve security.​

    Apple and Google Passkey Support (*Coming Soon)

    Adopting the latest device security features reduces the risk and inconvenience of usernames and passwords.​

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