Everything ages. Outdated e-commerce systems and technologies are limiting online growth. ROC Commerce delivers an enterprise-grade e-commerce platform built for omni-channel and omni-device systems—focusing on both B2C and B2B.

Deliver a consistent, personalized, and integrated shopping experience that strengthens loyalty and increases conversion. ROC combines the best e-commerce strategies into a modern platform that meets the demands of today and scales for the future.  

Improve B2B conversion rates with robust functionality that meets the specific needs of a B2B buyer and provides them with the same features they use on their favorite consumer websites.

Why ROC?

  • Experience

    ROC’s chosen team of architects have deep experience across different e-commerce technologies. We've been developing and implementing e-commerce solutions and strategies across all industries since 1996.
  • Grow at your own pace

    Start with the features you need today and build for tomorrow with pre-built modules that can introduce new functionality when you need it. Stop the cycle of buying outdated e-commerce systems. Evolve with ROC and future-proof your investment.
  • Consistency

    ROC delivers an unparalleled ability to run multiple sales and promotions with ease; intuitive and consistent administration tools across back-end systems make it easy for business teams to manage the store.
  • Engage with your customers anytime, anywhere

    Deliver a relevant, accurate, and engaging experience across every touch point through ROC’s Omni-Channel functionality.
  • Go Global

    Take on the world with out-of-the-box multi-lingual and mult-regional internationalization options.
  • Performance

    Our sites have handled over a billion transactions in the past year, including staying live while being featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things, during Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. 
  • Future-proof your e-commerce platform.

    • Implement only the modules you need today and add new features as your business evolves. Grow at your own pace.
    • Integrate easily with virtually any existing system, software or data source.
    • Add or update functionality without starting over.