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Quickly deliver content and support advanced marketing and merchandising strategies without IT support.

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Increase Customer Usability, Satisfaction, Conversion, and SEO

Managing marketing and commerce content often requires additional technology. ROC Commerce brings these necessary components together under one platform with no additional fees.


ROC Commerce delivers content creation, marketing controls, and easy availability of primary product information to your customers.


Create a dynamic and compelling site with personalization and targeting enabled by Audience Targeting.

Coupons and Discounting

Whether B2B or B2C, couponing and discounting are critical tools for driving sales on your site.


Set up and manage all automated email, text, and message workflows to increase customer satisfaction.


Drive conversions and new customer acquisition by delivering rich SEO-optimized content and product landing pages.

Make customers smarter, and sell more.

"89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process."

Keep customers on your website through research. Learning about products they need and then working to upsell or cross-sell them with useful additional products they need through personalized messaging is vital to maximizing customer satisfaction and the ROI of your site. ROC Commerce brings a rich content management capability allowing marketing to create, maintain and manage content on the site. Further layering on a personalized experience, offers, fine-tuning, and the most advanced search engine.


  • Content

    Easily manage and deliver rich content. 

    Configurable WYSIWYG HTML Editor

    Developers can tailor the HTML editor for any field to ensure data integrity and ease of use.​

    Built-In Widgets

    Extend our robust widget toolkit to meet all of your content management needs.​

    Structured Content

    Manage structured content to ensure data is valid and presented correctly.​

    Unstructured Content

    Marketers can create any page they need to promote products and services.​

    Reusable Templates

    Ensure design consistency through reusable templates.​


    The user manual or automatic translation for any content or fallback to a primary language when no translation is available.​

    Landing Pages

    Build campaign-specific landing pages with ease.
  • roccommerce-user-personalization-feature-screenshot


    Maximize every visit to your website with marketing and personalization capabilities.

    User Segments

    Use pre-defined dynamic segments or add users based on their behavior.​

    Segment-Based Pricing

    Offer discounts based on a user’s segments.​

    Content Security

    Grant or deny access to content based on segment.​

    Segment-Aware Banner Ads

    Target banner ads to specific segments.​

    Segment-Aware Coupons

    Offer coupons based on segment membership, ideal for targeting people who have made certain purchases or completed other promotional activities.​

    Behavior-Driven Recommendations

    Recommendations can be based on online behavior and offline purchases.​

  • roccommerce-couponing-feature


    Influence purchase behavior with effective couponing functionality.

    Percentage, Amount Off, and Shipping Benefits

    Offer compelling incentives to encourage purchases​.

    Restrict to Brand, Categories, Products, Attributes, and Segments

    Target sales on specific products and customer segments.

    Set Start and End Dates

    Set up campaigns ahead of time.​

    Set Minimum Purchase Thresholds

    Make campaigns more profitable with minimum purchase thresholds.​

    Set Maximum Redemption

    Create buyer urgency by limiting coupons to a maximum number of redemptions​.

    Coupons Can Be Combined or Single

    Increase customer loyalty and attract new customers with combined or single coupons.

  • ROC Commerce Email Capabilities


    Easy and consistent communication with customers.

    Email Auto-Responder

    Auto-responder with built-in templates for user registration, order placement, order changes, shipments, password reminders, and other events allows easy and consistent communication with your customers​.

    Users Can Choose to Email, Text, Or Both

    Let customers choose their preferred communication method.​

    Integrate With Your Marketing Automation System for More Advanced Campaigns

    Move data between ROC Commerce and your preferred marketing automation system to keep messaging and experience consistent across all channels.​

  • roccommerce-seo-features


    Earn new customers with rich SEO features.

    Meta Keywords and Description

    Ensure search engines understand the content on your site and maximize rankings.​


    Control how search engines view your site.​

    Canonical URLs and HREFLANG Values

    Make sure the search engines understand the differences between canonical and different languages.​

    Excluded Pages

    Control which pages and products should be indexed.​

    301 Redirects

    Don’t let your page and products get lost.

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