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A blazing-fast .Net native ecommerce solution with nearly limitless capabilities.

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The Fastest, Most Cost-Effective, And Extensible Platform Available

At its core, ROC Commerce provides the speed, capability, and extensibility for companies looking to power their business with digital channels today and into the future.


Built on .NET Core and React, ROC Commerce is blazing fast, helping to drive conversion rates and boost revenue.

Flexible and Extensible

ROC Commerce offers the best of both worlds, with the upgradeability of a SaaS platform but the extensibility of a custom-developed solution. ROC Commerce ensures that even the most complex data models, business rules, and integrations can be launched quickly.


ROC Commerce delivers the best TCO vs. RIO threw industry-leading speed and cost to implement, reduced costs of ongoing management, and future-proofing through long-term extensibility.

Multi-Site, Multi-Lingual, and Multi-Tenant

Advanced capabilities to manage needs, including running multiple sites in any language on the same platform. Content can be shared (or not) across any site. Each site can have its own merchandising rules and designs.

Search and Recommendations

Search and Recommendations are two of the most critical pieces of technology to deliver a rich user experience. ROC Commerce provides better search capabilities than any other search built into an ecommerce platform by utilizing market leaders like Hawksearch or Algolia. With results driven by machine learning models and advanced search configurations.

Business Visibility and Reporting

Our unique reporting capabilities provide a unified view of your traffic-to-purchase flow, giving an unparalleled view of your business, customers, and site performance.

ROC Commerce Core is unlike any other.

"One-second delay in page load times means 7% loss in Conversions."

Built on .Net Core and React; ROC Commerce is the only platform able to combine blazing-fast performance, deep and broad feature set; unlimited extensibility under an investment envelope that delivers stronger TCO than other options in the market.

Beyond the ecommerce capabilities, ROC Commerce provides the ability to create an excellent omni-channel customer self-service portal.


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    The ROC Commerce team has decades of experience developing ecommerce solutions. We built ROC Commerce on .NET Core and React to give clients a fast, flexible, and scalable system to run their businesses. 

    .NET Core and React

    Fast, reliable, and secure long-term technologies.​

    Server and Client Rendering

    Maximize performance by optimizing page generation.​

    Integrated Caching

    Keep performance high and costs low by caching frequently used information.​

    Integrated CDN and Dynamic Image Resizing

    Serve customers around the globe and on any device with integrated CDN and image resizing. 

    App Profiling and Performance Monitoring

    ROC Commerce is constantly monitoring your infrastructure to ensure peak performance.​

    Scalable, PCI-Compliant, Private Cloud Infrastructure

    ROC Commerce is hosted on a secure private cloud so we can better serve each customer’s unique needs.​

  • Flexible and Extensible

    ROC Commerce delivers the ability to easily configure, extend, and integrate to give you the best customer software and the manageability and upgradeability of a SaaS platform.

    Highly Configurable

    Hundreds of settings allow authorized admins to manage many aspects of the system.​

    Extend ROC Commerce’s Standard Data Model (PIM) to Fit Your Business

    Projects can customize the ROC Commerce data model to mirror their business. No more workarounds.​

    Easy Integration with Any ERP

    ROC Commerce connects to leading ERPs like Acumatica, Epicor, and Infor.​

    Event-Driven Architecture

    Allows integration to external systems at any scale and in any language​.

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    We deliver the most affordable solution for sites requiring anything but the most basic commerce capabilities. 

    Speed to Implement

    ROC Commerce combines configurability, extensibility, and out-of-the-box capabilities to streamline implementation times.​


    We significantly reduce downstream management through easy configurations, built-in reporting, simple content management, and marketing interfaces, among other things.

    Long-Term Upgradeability

    ROC Commerce leverages dependency injection, inversion of control, slices, partial classes, and a provider model to maximize performance and upgradability.​

    Developer and Operator Availability

    Built on .Net Core and React, with easy-to-use interfaces and resources to help develop and manage your site readily available and cost-effective.

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    Multi-Site, Multi-Lingual, and Multi-Tenant

    Easily run a simple local site to the most complex multi-national suite of sites.

    Run Multiple Sites in One Or More Languages

    Manage content in multiple languages with optional automated translation and language fallback.​

    Mix and Match Content Across Sites

    Organize your catalog and commerce by brand, customer segment, or geography.​

    Each Site Can Be Configured Independently

    ROC Commerce-managed sites can share configurations or be configured individually.​

    Leverage Multi-Division Features

    Run multiple lines of business completely independently with robust security.​

    Order Management

    Use ROC Commerce's integrated order management solution, RESTful API, and event-driven architecture to let your ERP handle fulfillment.

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    Search and Recommendations

    ROC Commerce selected the two best search and recommendations on the market for out-of-the-box integration, search, and recommendations capabilities.

    Algolia or Hawksearch

    ROC Commerce gives you access to two of the best search and recommendation engines on the market​.

    Best Search Results

    After extensive evaluations, Hawksearch and Algolia are the top search engines for delivering the best search results for B2B and B2C commerce, like finding the right product, SKU, alternatives, etc.

    Event Tracking

    Use GA4, Hawksearch, or Algolia to understand usage trends and optimize your site.​

    Personalized Recommendations

    Leverage behavior and order history data to give users personalized recommendations.​

    Connect To Your Existing Search Engine

    ROC Commerce’s open framework allows projects to integrate any other search engine.​

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    Reporting and Business Visibility

    ROC Commerce has a suite of built-in reports and core reporting platforms to provide a unique cross-platform that genuinely understands your business and customers. 

    GA4 and Data Studio Support

    ROC Commerce integrates with GA4 and includes Looker (formerly Google Data Studio) reports.​

    Revenue Reporting

    Track revenue across multiple sites and currencies​.

    Order Reporting

    Track orders across multiple sites and currencies​.

    Top Sellers

    Know which products are selling the best.​

    Sales Value of Every Brand, Category, Product, Customer, and Organization

    Know the revenue contribution of every brand, product, customer, and client instantly. ​

    Export To Your Existing BI Platform

    Schedule regular exports of data for analysis in your preferred BI tool.

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