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ROC Commerce is the only platform that provides the tools you need to track and drive customer and employee adoption.

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"Build It, And Unfortunately They Don't Always Come"

While this varies by B2B vs. B2C, businesses see less than 30% of their customers significantly utilize their newly minted digital sales channels within five years of launch. ROC Commerce is here to help solve that problem.

Customer Adoption Module

Drive adoption of your digital service and storefront through knowledge, messaging, gamification, and promotions. ROC Commerce is the first platform to tackle this challenge by adding built-in tools and reporting to solve one of the largest problems B2B customers face. (Coming Soon)

Sales Representative Portal

Unfortunately, many sales reps view the online channel as threatening their job rather than as a valuable tool. The ROC Commerce Sales Portal brings significant value and reduces friction for the sales reps to better support, service, and sell to their customers and make more money for themselves and the company. (Coming Soon)

Organizational Mirroring

This rich set of features, including the ability to mirror the business processes, customer organizations, pricing, business rules, and more, allow your digital storefront to function alongside your sales and services organization. Provide one unified view to your clients, eliminate confusion and frustration, and ultimately accelerate adoption.

CSR Impersonation

One of the most valuable tools in supporting and selling to your clients is the ability for CSRs to impersonate clients, such as helping build carts, solving a myriad of issues, and enabling customers to utilize the online interface better.

Ease Of Use

Ease and consistency of use are key elements to drive the adoption of your digital channel. ROC Commerce provides all you need to build a beautiful, cross-channel digital sales and service website that is consistent and easy to use.

Eliminate the fear and reduce the friction.

With only 35% of B2B Customers regularly using ecommerce, adoption is essential. "By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels."

"Build it, and they will come" is the prevailing mindset of many ecommerce endeavors. But this strategy is wrought with failure. Both driving customers to adopt your website and overcoming the fear of internal staff is arduous and regularly left to your marketing and sales teams without any support from your digital platforms. ROC Commerce continues to drive innovation in the platform to help provide visibility and direct adoption programs to make this task more effective.

Further helping to solve these issues, making your site a trusted advisor for your customers, and helping upsell and cross-sell is a rich set of marketing and content management capabilities.


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    Customer Adoption Module

    This new module will change the game for companies struggling to drive the adoption of customers used to working directly with CSRs and leery of digital sales channels. Coming Soon

    Accelerating Customer Adoption

    Deliver a variety of incentives such as Gamification, Rewards, Spiff, and Commission Management​ to drive real adoption faster and more scientifically.

    Customer Adoption Reporting

    Understand the most valuable customers by channel, who is engaging and who isn’t, and which incentives are changing behavior to help you make necessary adjustments.

    Digital Engagement

    See how your digital service and storefront are performing across your customer base by looking at time and money spent on-site, by customers, and by rep.  

    Most Valuable Customer View

    View the customers and reps utilizing the tools provided to drive increased value and satisfaction per customer.

    Restock Visibility

    Automated reports help sales reps know when customers need to restock certain regularly purchased items.

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    Sales Rep Portal

    An out-of-the-box Sales Rep Portal will provide an incredible toolset to help Sales Reps better support customers. Coming Soon

    Customer Management

    Single interface for sales reps to check customer status, open items, and upsell opportunities. 

    Capture and Share Sales Rep Knowledge

    The ability for reps to store and flag important details they have learned along the way about products and ordering for cross-team value.

    Upsell and Restock Recommendations

    Give sales reps a reason to chat with their customer or help them upsell on a single order.

    Wallet Share Tools

    Provide an easy view of customers' spending and areas to increase the value. ​

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    Organizational Mirroring

    Cross-channel support that mirrors your buyers’ organization​ makes delivering a frictionless omnichannel experience effective and easy.

    Easy ERP Integration

    Integrate with your ERP to sync your website and back office​.

    Multi-Level Account Management

    Leverage accounts and sub-accounts to configure business rules, pricing, and payment terms.​

    Customer Login Management

    Delegate account management to your buyers​ for ease of adoption and reduced burden on CSRs.

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    CSR Impersonation

    Maximize sales reps' capability to support their customers in real-time.

    Help Customers Find the Right Products

    Allow reps to quickly jump online, search for products, and build carts in real time with the right price and availability.

    Build Custom Carts and Lists

    Pre-build carts and lists for clients from phone conversations or emails for their review.

    Offer Discounted Pricing

    Reps can deliver additional discounts or customized pricing for specific orders.

    Help Complete Checkout

    Close the gap on final checkout to increase order completion and order size.

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    Ease of Use

    Deliver customer satisfaction with the best B2B and B2C website user experience.

    Guest Checkout

    Enable rapid checkout and follow-on package tracking with guest checkout only.

    Social Registration

    Enable popular social platform registration to increase speed and customer satisfaction while registering and buying products, helping reduce common friction.

    Auto-Join Organizations with Customer Code

    Innovative organization enrollment makes the management of customer accounts simple.

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