How Exceptional PIM Software and Site Search Can Drive Sales

If your business suffers from a messy data structure or you have almost no structure at all, professional PIM (product information management) software can help improve the quality of your data. PIM software can also save you time by removing the need for additional manual updates to your sales channels. A PIM can also help you increase sales, particularly when paired with an exceptional site search tool that can make the most of the data you have available.

What is PIM Software?

PIM stands for Product Information Management. PIM software is designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their data. With a PIM, you can store all of your data in one place, including information from your ERP system, ecommerce store, mobile apps, and all other data sources.

An advanced ecommerce platform designed for the use of B2B and B2C businesses should include a powerful PIM that has flexible standards for data quality, governance, and functionality. 

How Can a PIM Solution Improve Source Data?

Using PIM software, you can clean, organize, classify, and manage your data. A PIM can vastly improve the quality of your data for use in multichannel marketing, omnichannel publishing, creating an improved product catalogue, driving better sales, and more.

PIM software can enable you to create a single source of truth, quickly and efficiently. 

Benefits of a PIM

Knowledge is the key to success. Structured, understandable, and actionable data has many benefits, including those that lead to increased revenue, return customers, and even better internal processes:  

  • Create improved product descriptions that answer your customers’ questions to reduce returns.
  • Provide your sales team with access to all the information they need, such as SKU management and a single source for data changes.
  • Increase return on investment (ROI) with new channels for shopping and expansion into new global markets with a single solution.
  • With an exceptional site search solution built in the foundation, a PIM helps solve data source issues, creating a cohesive information standard and management structure. 

How Can a Virtual PIM Drive Sales?

Bridging the gap between producer and user by creating a smooth and modern search and selection experience will inevitably help boost overall sales. With an extensive amount of scattered exposure, inaccurate product information and inconsistency with data as it relates to search tends to be at the forefront of lost sales. It is possible to improve the avenues through which conversions occur by utilizing a platform with a revenue-oriented PIM.

A virtual PIM can drive sales because it:

  • Increases product searchability.
  • Delivers relevant recommendations to consumers.
  • Guides users through engaging content.
  • Provides supply chain managers with accurate product data.
  • Provides users with a single source for product truth (e.g., best sellers, low stock items, etc.)
  • Gives users an accurate description of their product orders. 

Seamless Integration of a PIM Solution

A PIM can be used by numerous types of systems, yet it is uniquely designed as a tool to be leveraged by ecommerce companies. From the technical components of a product to the metadata that supports its description, a PIM system must be able to easily fit into the constructs of current processes.

For seamless integration, choose a comprehensive, secure cloud-based PIM that requires little IT support. Your integration removes the guesswork of backing multiple systems. It is also set up to remove roadblocks during the transition process. You can seamlessly integrate into a modern solution without the hassle of manually importing data assets, taxonomy structures, or sales channels that were separately aligned by location or currency. 

Choose an Ecommerce Platform with a PIM and SIM

To maximize revenue and minimize cost consider ROC Commerce, which includes:

  • A PIM that can be tailored to your organization and data model
  • A Commerce engine for B2B and complex B2C scenarios
  • Hawksearch that allows users to search by different but equivalent search terms (1/4” and .25 inches).

Our capabilities allow you to:

  • Remove time-consuming data cleanup and management issues.
  • Deploy consistent search standards with machine learning that guides users through data entry so your collections are easier to manage.
  • Run a collection of sites with shared information or separation.
  • Receive continuous updates so your PIM software and platform have the latest features that won’t break systems and processes.
  • Host globally without issue.

ROC Commerce believes in providing B2B and B2C clients with a modern technology platform and PIM software that work simultaneously to grow as you do. We are the best choice for clients that need to reimagine their data management. Request a demo, today!