How To Get the Most Out of Your Product Data

An excellent customer experience is vital for a B2B ecommerce website's growth, starting with a solid framework and important product data. For B2B businesses, accurate product data is critical to creating a successful buying experience.

For many companies, gathering product data for use in their digital strategy can be an intimidating task. This article will discuss recommendations for tackling your product data, from developing your product taxonomy to prioritizing products, adding valuable content, and more. 

Develop A Good Product Taxonomy

Create a high-quality product taxonomy by building your main categories, subcategories, and framework based on product features your buyers are interested in.  Keep these categories and the taxonomy clean and organized, especially in a manner that benefits your buyers and helps them with their buying experience. 

Use Web-Friendly Marketing Data 

The product data collected in your ERP may need more information to build your customer experience. Create web-friendly marketing product details using your product data, including titles, descriptions, URLs, and keywords.

Create Guided Navigation with Filterable Attributes

Support your buyers during their shopping experience by helping them locate the products that meet their needs. Adding filterable attributes to your categories will help create guided navigation that best suits your buyers. 

Add Rich Content and Multi-Media

Adding rich content to the products featured on your ecommerce website will set your website apart from your competitors. This valuable content includes product images consistent in size, background, focal length, various angles, and more. It provides product specifications, necessary documentation, diagrams, manuals, and more. 

Product videos can also take your site to the next level, giving buyers visual examples of using your products. Other valuable product content features to add include product reviews and related items for buyer’s consideration. 

Add Unique Content

Differentiated content helps search engines understand your business and product offerings. Adding unique content to describe your products will allow search engines to evaluate your value better and rank your website accordingly. 

Recommendations for Tackling Your Product Data

Once your goals are set, it’s time to get started. First, taking the time necessary to build out your taxonomy correctly is essential. You and some of your best customers are the best sources for deciding what structure works best for your business. 

Secondly, focus on your product catalog by partnering with an ecommerce platform that can help you collect and create rich content for your website. If you have an extensive product catalog, it may take some time to build it out correctly, so hone in on your best-selling products, top categories, and products that are quickly ready for shipping, etc. 

Thirdly, managing product data is more than just a one-and-done job. Improving your product data is an ongoing process, and so is creating enriched content. You will also want your strategies and resources available to be committed to the long-term success of your B2B business. 

Improve Your B2B Company’s Product Data Now 

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