ROC Commerce Releases 9.8

The ROC Commerce team has had a busy spring with a new release that gives sellers greater flexibility in managing their content & catalog, pricing products, and fulfilling orders. These features were developed with direct input from our customers.

ROC Commerce 9.8 highlights include: 

Approved Product Regions

Sellers can configure geographical restrictions based on brand, category, or product.  These restrictions can be applicable when suppliers have territorial limits or when products are not suitable for all markets.

Example of geographical restriction settings


Content Security

With ROC Commerce 9.8, sellers can tailor the site’s content – products, pages, brands, categories, etc. -- based on the visitor’s user segment. This allows site managers to hide content from guests or show specific products to preferred customers. 

online content security example


Pricing Rules

Reward your best customers using pricing rules, which allow sellers to configure discount or markup rules based on category, brand, and product.

pricing rules


Minimum Order Quantity

Ensure sales comply with business rules by configuring minimum order quantities. Rules apply at the packaging level, so sellers can require the purchase of ten individual units or one 12-count pack.

ROC Commerce Ecommerce Version 9.8


Customer Service Portal

Enable your customer service representatives to quote discounts to customers using the CSR portal within ROC Commerce. Each product can be configured with a price floor and once a quote has been offered, customers can add products but cannot remove them, preserving sellers’ margins. Quotes can be set to automatically expire.

customer service portal



Order Management

After the sale is made, sellers can manage fulfillment by integrating ROC Commerce with their back-office system or using the built-in order management solution within ROC Commerce which supports split shipments, credit memos, funds capture, and more.

order management



ROC Commerce 9.8 integrates with Acumatica through a new Commerce Connector. Sync products, categories, attributes, orders, customers, etc., using the Acumatica tools VARs already know. B2B sellers can finally choose an ecommerce platform that’s designed for their needs from the ground up.


Perfect for large enterprises that want to isolate data across divisions and for suppliers that want to offer turnkey ecommerce sites to their distributors. Each “tenant” can configure its own business rules, select its own design themes, and integrate with their own back-office systems. Super administrators can review data from multiple divisions.


The near future for ROC Commerce includes exciting plans outlined on our upcoming roadmap:

  • Punchout
  • Native integration to Affiliated Distributors and IDEA
  • Data modeling and theming tools
  • Sales enablement portal, connecting sales teams to their customers through the site
  • Growing library of automated tests so customers can upgrade and customize with confidence
  • And more

These features are designed to give sellers greater flexibility to operate a more profitable, responsive business. If you would like to learn more, please request a ROC Commerce demo.