The “How & Why” to Make Your Ecommerce Site Interactive

What is interactivity in ecommerce?
Building ecommerce interactivity between the business and the customer means building a trusting relationship between the seller and owner. Interactivity in ecommerce is the process of two things working together and influencing each other. This engagement welcomes the customer to be a part of the brand in some way, shape, or form to build happier and loyal customers. Examples commonly used to make an ecommerce site interactive may include:

  • Customer Service Page/Comments  
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Incentives
  • Newsletters & Blogs

Be accessible and transparent - the following are examples of how to build trust with customers:

Informative and Clear Customer Service Page
A customer service page with a clear line of connection - preferably a phone number, contact form, or email - is important.  Another approach is a chat box to have a messaging option for the customer. Potential buyers will be turned off if the contact page is hard to find or non-existent. Another idea is to include a comments section or forum to allow customers to ask questions and interact with your brand.

Polls & Surveys
If you’re unsure what your customers want or think, set up a poll or survey. People like being heard.  When the poll or survey is set be sure to make the questions direct. General questions will lead to general answers. Introduce humor into some questions; being humorous will enhance the user experience and make it more memorable.

Many customers like to interact, especially if there is a reward or gift involved. Examples include asking customers to post about the service or product on their social media pages, join a rewards club, spread positive company news, or write a review. Incentives to offer customers that provide this level of interactivity would be deals, discounts, or a free gift.   

Newsletters & Blogs
Keeping your customers in the loop on updates about your business and any other informative and useful news is a great way to keep the interaction going. As with most relationships, there needs to be a level of devotion to continue a conversation with your customers. Updating them with news from time to time helps to nurture that relationship.

What is the purpose?
The purpose is to build trust with your customers in order to increase their loyalty to your brand. This will lead to a favorable perception of your company and increase your customer base. Ecommerce companies that provide their customers with opportunities to easily interact are the ones that will continue to lead the industry.

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