What B2B Brands Can Learn from B2C Companies

B2C companies utilize many successful selling tactics that those in the B2B market can mimic. Today’s consumer-focused market offers customers a quicker and easier shopping experience than ever before. Customers can purchase in a few clicks or less, thanks to improved personalization and buying experiences.

A vast majority of B2C companies have risen to the high expectation and needs of their target audiences. They focus on refining the features they provide their customers to improve their shopping experience, from advanced personalized recommendations, fast and easy checkout processes, helpful customer support, mobile-optimized websites, and more. 

Therefore, B2B companies face a new challenge; they must meet customers' growing expectations. In this article, we will discuss how B2B companies can gain inspiration from B2C companies on better engaging customers eager for instant gratification and personalization.

Tactics B2B Companies Can Replicate from the B2C Buying Experience

While the B2B and B2C buying experience may vary, their consumers will have similar expectations. Whether a customer is buying manufacturing supplies for their company or a customer is buying kitchen supplies for their family, both customers will want a quick and easy buying experience with all their questions answered. 

Many B2C companies have considered how their customer's purchasing and shopping habits have changed over the years and learned tactics to turn customers into loyal, frequent shoppers. B2C companies have added tactics to their buying experience, from real-time engagement to personalized content, a customer-centric mentality, finding customers where they are, and easy checkout and user experience.

Customer-Centric Mentality

B2B businesses tend to focus on the product they are making or the service they offer without genuinely honing in on their customer's wants and needs. Many B2C businesses focus on personalization and creating a customer-centric mentality when running their business. 

B2B companies can also achieve this customer-centric mentality by building on their customer's journey when selling. Also, diving deeper into their buyer personas and leveraging their data to know their audience needs.

Real-Time Engagement

When looking for a product or service, they want to find the product they want and to know and trust that the company they’re purchasing from is the best. With real-time engagement tactics such as live chat and available customer and sales representative support, consumers can receive the answers they need and build trust with the company, giving them greater confidence in their current and future purchases. 

Find Customers Wherever They Are

While buyers may be looking for your product or service, can they easily find it? The key to B2B companies' success is growing their online presence and customer acquisition methods. While there are many digital marketing tactics, take the necessary steps to build out your business's SEO strategy, like optimizing the website's structure, keywords, metadata, and more.

Personalized, Rich Content

Every step a customer makes on a B2C company's website is tailored to the user's needs, leading them to the products or services they want and encouraging them to purchase. This tactic of delivering customized recommendations to customers as they move through the website is done so by rich, personalized content. Customers only see content that is relevant and personalized to them, often based on purchase history, activity on the website, and more. Fortunately, there are modern technologies and strategies that B2B companies can use to deliver customized content and shopping experience for their customers.

Effortless, Simplified Shopping Experiences 

In addition, another tactic used by B2C companies is creating a seamless shopping experience, from the point of arrival to the website to the checkout. They will offer many digital touchpoints, such as giving customers the necessary information to purchase, making the payment process simple, making page speed and download time blazing fast, branding consistent, and more. Reducing friction along this journey is pivotal to avoiding customer frustration. 

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