ROC Commerce Launches New Website with Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop is known for selling the active lifestyle of beach and surf to visitors from around the world. The business was founded in 1959 on the New Jersey shore. Today, Ron Jon Surf Shop has grown into a world-famous surf culture destination at 13 brick-and-mortar locations, as well as online ecommerce.

ROC Commerce was the platform of choice to provide Ron Jon Surf Shop a reimagined, forward-thinking ecommerce experience that would advance the business’s website to a place that reflected the very best customer experience that shoppers enjoy in their physical store locations.

The optimized speed and versatile functionality of the latest release of ROC Commerce were implemented in Ron Jon Surf Shop’s new customer-focused ecommerce web solution. Prior to the new site’s launch, Google PageSpeed Insight scores were lingering in the thirties to forties. The new site is now registering an impressive 98 out of 100 for desktop computer performance within Google PageSpeed Insights.

Added features included in the new website are providing an improved customer experience. A more efficient checkout, while minimizing steps in the process, is leading customers through their online purchases more quickly. Payment options now also include the ability to split tender types between multiple payment source selections.

Seamless integration between the website and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) utilized throughout Ron Jon, has improved overall resource planning, product inventory, and forecasting.

Another integration that has helped customer communication and targeted email marketing campaigns is the website’s connection with Ron Jon’s email campaign management system.