Today’s customer shopping journey has a lot of twists and turns. They research on their smartphones, check order status while they’re at work, compare products and prices online before making a purchase in the store or from the website. They expect a personalized experience with the same product information, promotions and pricing across all touch points.

ROC gives you the ability to easily deliver the most relevant and consistent shopping experience possible in every channel and along every step of the journey, including desktop, mobile, tablet, social media, in-store, and call center.

Retail/B2C Platform Capabilities

  • Craft great
    content as easy
    as commerce

    ROC’s integrated drag and drop page manager makes it easy to build dynamic pages that can blend content and commerce. You can also update content and make SEO decisions on the go without compromising quality.
  • Learn to
    speak “data”

    Integrated profiling and analytics tools let you improve your site for every audience. You can search, sort, and export data, as well as access a variety of reports on sales, abandoned shopping carts, or promotions.

  • Combat Shopping
    Cart Abandonment

    Leverage Abandoned Shopping Cart Reports and integration to your preferred email marketing platform to execute your Shopping Cart recovery strategy. Now you can gain back lost sales and see a steady increase in profits.

  • Take your
    business global

    Break into global markets with multilingual features that let you sell in over 30 languages and accept payments worldwide. Be in control of your pricing, while giving your shoppers a localized experience wherever they are in the world.
  • Stay live during
    peak ecommerce

    ROC enables you to handle high volume traffic during peak shopping events. Our sites have handled over a billion transactions in the past year, including staying live while being featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things, during Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.
  • Power product
    search with AI

    Turn every search into a purchase with built-in search that leverages machine learning. Your customers can now find specific products and content faster than before, which will get them closer to conversion. 
  • Always in Sync

    Make sure both your website and your back office are in perfect sync with ROC’s integration framework. This innovative platform can integrate with virtually any existing system, software or data source.