ROC Commerce 9.8 Update Empowers Ecommerce Managers

A big contributor to the industry-leading ROC Commerce flexibility is our consistent expansion of features empowering ecommerce managers to do more. The most recent release update, ROC Commerce 9.8, is an excellent example.

Clients transitioning to ROC Commerce 9.8 are celebrating its enhanced functionality. Sellers can now assign geographic regions to their products specific to territorial agreements or the appropriateness of products (example: suppressing ice-fishing equipment in warmer climates). User segmentation is also supporting more personalization of content. Products, pages, brands, categories, and more can intelligently display content specific to logged-in user segments as well as guests.

Pricing discounts and markups specific to customer accounts are also enhanced in the latest release of ROC Commerce. Pricing rules can be based on category, brand, or product.

Customer service portal sophistication, advanced order management, multi-tenant distributer capabilities, and custom integrations with popular business technology are among the other highlights of ROC Commerce 9.8.

To read more about the features and enhancements offered within the ROC Commerce 9.8 release, read this recent blog post.