A fast, .NET-native ecommerce solution with limitless capabilities

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Customer experience built on experience

With nearly 25 years of consistent guidance from our leadership team, ROC Commerce has the stability to power your ecommerce platform. Fast and efficient B2B and B2C capabilities for easy integration and extensibility to scale your business, ROC provides valued solutions with unmatched speed and performance.


ROC integrates directly to PIM, ERP, and other business systems and connectors are being added and updated all the time. ROC ensures even the most complex data models and business rules can be launched quickly.


Run any number of sites in any languages on the same platform. Content can be shared (or not) across any site. Each site can have its own merchandising rules and designs.


Built on .NET Core and React, ROC is blazingly fast to drive conversion rates and boost revenue.


ROC offers market-leading search with results driven by machine learning models that can be tuned for each user or segment.

Stay up to date

ROC updates every quarter, with developer previews available every month. You’ll always have the latest features. And unlike SaaS solutions that might introduce breaking changes, ROC customers control when they deploy their updates.

Host anywhere

ROC can run in our Private Cloud, Azure and other public clouds, and on-prem. Choose the option that best suits your business.

Knowledgeable solutions that adapt for the future 

Create from a framework that raises the benchmark for B2B and B2C

From industry relationships to direct consumer sales, your customer wants a user-friendly purchasing process that is fast and smooth. ROC provides your B2B and B2C ecommerce platforms with functionality for product management and performance across multiple channels. Promote products across platforms or create specialized product flow and get conversions like never before.



  • Technology

    The ROC team has decades of experience developing e-commerce solutions. We built ROC on .NET Core and React to give clients a fast, flexible, scalable system to run their business. 


    Use a fast, easy and functional service to meet consumer needs.

    Drag & Drop CMS

    ROC makes it easy to manage pages without developer support.

    Built-In PIM & OMS

    ROC allows you to configure product information and manage fulfillment or integrate with your back office solutions. 

    Hosting Flexibility

    Provide hosting services from anywhere with unrestricted cloud capabilities.

    Quarterly Updates

    ROC releases updates every quarter and gives clients the power to deploy at their own pace.

  • Integration

    ROC gives the extensibility and software architecture to allow seamless integration to all of your line of business systems: ERP, POS, shipping & tax software, security & privacy services.

    Event-Driven Architecture

    Make it easy to keep related systems up to date with everything that happens on your website.

    RESTful & Native APIs

    Easily integrate with all of your line of business systems.

    Scheduled Tasks

    Let you keep the system running smoothly.

  • Personalization & Search

    Customer experience designed for every user to boost conversions and revenue. Machine learning options help users find what they want through a personalized experience.

    Boost & Bury

    Influence results based on a variety of rules and strategies

    Personalized Recommendations

    Use each customer’s interests and purchase history to show them the results that will interest them the most.

    Audience Targeting

    Landing pages and search results can all be configured to target specific audiences.

  • Marketing

    ROC has flexible marketing structures so you earn more conversions and keep your customers coming back. Run concurrent promotions and customer specific or site-wide ads. Several tools make cross-promotion simple and give you the leg up on your competitors in search.

    Banners & Triggers

    Build powerful branding through product specific or sales specific marketing and create individualized triggers to connect with customers.

    Coupons & Promotions

    Configure coupons with full control over the timing, product, categories, brands, and attributes that are being promoted. 

    Product Relationships

    ROC gives businesses the control to define product relationship types, link products, and leverage the data with personalized search results and product recommendations.

    SEO Friendly

    Attain higher search rankings with modern SEO tools. Hold your place in search with 301 redirects, create content with high ranking keywords and optimize latest solutions to make your products visible.


    Retain customers with system-generated emails that are tailored to each site.

  • Account Management

    Manage your accounts with secure operations and protections under industry standards without system administrator experience. Meet customer demand but don’t sacrifice multiple safety measures and cyber security layers to achieve goals. 

    Modern Security with Email Validation and Optional Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

    Enhance security functions for transactions and sensitive company information to protect against virtual threats.

    Azure Active Directory

    Administrators can leverage AAD giving organizations a single point to manage permissions.

    Password Reminder, Reset, Account Locking

    Recover or renew account information on the spot and keep your system secure.

    Customer Service Portal

    Empower your CSRs to help your customers with full access to the customer experience.

  • Organization

    ROC lets you manage your customers in organizations that can link to your ERP to give customers a consistent experience through all channels.  Sub-accounts, pricing, billing terms… it’s all there.

    Account & Sub-Account

    Set up multiple sub-accounts, fully integrated with your ERP.

    Payment Terms

    Configure payment options available to each account.

    Negotiated Pricing

    Retrieve pricing for each sub-account from your ERP in real-time or on a schedule.

    ERP or App Managed

    Integrate collective data solutions for ERP systems or App Managed models.

    Security Delegation

    Put clients in charge of their own users with pre-configured security roles.

  • Cart & Checkout

    Simplify the checkout process. You earn more business with uncomplicated ordering solutions for returning customers and guests who visit your site for the first time. Bring customers back through confidential information storage and order histories. Easily integratable, ROC’s checkout framework fits with other systems without extensive IT installation or expensive software upgrades.

    Guest Checkout

    Provide a fast checkout experience for new customers.

    Wallet & Address Book

    Improve conversions with secure Wallet & Address Book.

    Track Conversion

    Track your sales and conversion funnel and use sales data to refine search results and product recommendations. 

    Buy Again

    ROC makes it easy for customers to return and buy the products they need the most.

  • Multi-Site Catalog & Content Management

    All of your content and commerce managed in one solution. Running multiple B2B and B2C sites has never been easier.  With multiple language capabilities, earn more conversions and remove barriers through system capabilities for any product platform.

    Multiple Sites

    Run multiple sites from the same instance, sharing or separating content and business rules.

    Multiple Languages

    Expand product sales with country-specific language and currency capabilities.

    Shared & Exclusive Content

    Promote information across multiple platforms or tailor it to a specific audience.

    Site-Specific Merchandising & Design

    Sharing content doesn’t mean sharing design.  Each site can have its own branding, merchandising and behavior.

    Language Fallback

    Streamline translation by only translating the fields and records you need.

    Scheduled Publishing

    Save time by making changes ahead of time with content management that suits your schedule.


The ROC Promise With People in Mind

ROC Commerce knows the adaptive nature of the ecommerce world. Whether your focus is on B2B or B2C, turn to ROC for leadership and guidance with the technology platform that is designed to fit your product content. Our clients proudly grow their brands with support from our tools and our architects have spent years working with them to perfect successful solutions. We may not be the right fit for everyone, but our team is ready to work with you to exceed expectations through a modern platform that is fast and functional. 


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