ROC Commerce With Hawksearch Search

Increase the power of your ecommerce solution with an intelligent search tool that uses machine learning to deliver highly personalized recommendations.

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Enhance Your Customer’s Journey While Increasing Conversions

Seamlessly integrate Hawksearch with your online storefront to boost operational marketing efficiencies. Provide pinpoint accuracy and relevancy to every search query and accelerate the path to conversion through the ordering process.


Today’s client expects a tailored, customized online experience. ROC Commerce & Hawksearch deliver personalization on a scale that meets your demands. Highlight products based on search intent, past purchases, location and more, so that appropriate items are displayed.

Account Based Personalization

Your merchandising team will be overjoyed thanks to ROC’s intuitive tools. Present customers with products and content that match their industry, company or role.

Scalable to your Catalog

Designed to handle millions of requests with sub-second response time, ROC Commerce & Hawksearch allow you to grow at your own pace and according to your specific business goals.

Relevant Filtering

Shoppers narrow their product choices through numerous attribute categories. Use intelligent search tools to apply filters to those categories that are relevantly displayed, based on the department or search results page.

Relevant Recommendations

Providing information that is applicable to a consumer’s needs has been proven to increase the bottom line. This intelligent ecommerce platform uses Relevant Recommendations to incorporate machine learning that presents shoppers with products that are best sellers, trending, etc.


  • Boost & Bury Rules

    Create conditional rules that increase or decrease search result placements in order to feature or hide results displayed. Impact the placement of results on listing or search results pages by raising or lowering the ranking of the query. Customize content or product rankings by increasing or decreasing placement of search results in order to feature or hide results displayed.

    Create Global Rules or Conditional Rules

    Plan your pages with overarching guidelines or specify search rules that highlight the products you want and at the right time.

    Control the Order in Which Search Results Appear

    List results based on your guidelines and customize your listings.

    Override Standard Relevancy & Popularity


    Limit automated functions if needed and always be in control to make changes on the fly.

    Trigger Rules

    Adapt your search rules as new information is received to formulate search based on the latest benchmarks.

    Leverage Product Relationship Data

    Configure product relationships that can be used to recommend and boost upsell, cross-sell, component parts, part substitutions and more.

  • Popularity Boost

    Increase the weight of auto-generated popularity in place of relevancy to impact the results shown to visitors.

    Ability to Turn off Popularity Impact, but Still Track

    Set up search with or without popularity as a factor, but never lose data.

    Track Number of Searches, Clicks & Position

    Know every aspect of your consumer’s experience from landing page to cart.

    Utilize by Category Pages Where Relevance has No Impact

    Keep your commerce platform in check and use popular search as you see fit.

  • Machine Learning

    Planning for the future means automating merchandising and marketing efforts. Every visitor, interaction, click and abandoned search are tracked and analyzed to maximize conversions.

    Leave Manual Efforts Behind

    Machine learning provides accuracy and doesn’t require human functionality to keep up.

    Automate Merchandising Effort

    Ensure your systems are working through continuous automation that keeps businesses moving.

    Capture Visitor Search Queries to Identify New Words & Phrases

    Adaptive user search learns customer’s tendencies and attributes products based on relatable search inputs.

    Decipher User Behavior

    Understand your consumer like never before with behavior interpretation tools that create a superior experience for every B2B and B2C inquiry.

    Increase Conversions Through Programmatic Learning

    Incorporate tried-and-true search analytics to gain sales and attribute conversions to formalized learning methods.

  • Visitor Targets

    Create conditional display rules to use when listing search results based on implicit or explicit attributes known about the visitor.

    Identify Where the Visitor Has Navigated From

    Learn important details about what brought your visitor to the site.

    Utilize Browser Information

    View your consumer’s search engine and details to uncover valuable insights.

    Location based Targeting by IP address (GEOIP)

    Tap into a global database to find out where your user comes from and maximize marketing research.

    Integrate Custom Criteria

    Create your own rules for search results and track data based on your needs.

    Specify Time of Day

    Keep track of local time and forget about tracking with different time zones.


ROC Commerce Combined with Search Drives Results

ROC Commerce & Hawksearch is customizable to meet the unique needs of every business. If you are looking for a powerful onsite search experience and need more than a standard Google search, then look no further. ROC utilizes Hawksearch to achieve results and provide analytics at lightning speed.

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